Do you take one shot requests?(: x

I don’t think so

I like poop.

hi! I'm a fan fiction blog and i was wondering if you could promote me? It would help alot, thanks :)
Helloo. I just started this blog and I was hoping if you could help me promote it here. It's a 1D fanfiction blog too. :D LOVE YOUR STORIES. Write more please? x
please write more! please! i understand you have commitments, but you haven't written in weeks :(

it’s not that I have commitments, it’s just that I really haven’t had any desire to write lately

Soo are you gonna continue these One Shots orrr. I mean it's okay if you're writing a new fanfic because I just really miss your writing. It's absolutely amazing.

I just honestly have had no motivation to write anything lately

Are you goung to stop writing one shots! Cause like you literally stop updatin even after you finished the Whenever You Remember fanfic :(

I know, I’m really really sorry about that

I just haven’t been feeling like it lately but I promise that they will get done

some day

I have a possible one shot plot that you can write :) Do it where the boys are already famous, and this girl accompanies her friend to one of their signings/meet and greets not really knowing who they are. One of the boys are immediately lovestruck with the girl, and persuades her to give him her number. And then that night he takes on one of the most wonderful dates ever. haha. Just a suggestion to help you power on with your oneshots :) x

ohhh I like it

thank you =)

hey how often do you post one shots?

I haven’t in a month or so cause I was working on a fanfic but I’m gonna try to get back into hem

hey you're such a lovely writer do you think you could do some niam or larry or zarry one shots if you get the chance, nothing mature or anything just romantic and cute. thanks babe.

awww thank you =)

not sure if I would be able to do Zarry, cause I struggle with writing Zayn

maybe Larry

defiantly Niam